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Railway autoterminal “Mikhnevo” negotiated the customs zone

Railway autoterminal “Mikhnevo” in Stupinskiy district of Moscow region, owned by the affiliated company of Russian Railways JSC RailTransAuto,   negotiated the customs zone
Customs clearance of cars will be performed in “Mikhnevo”

On the largest specialized railway compound “Mikhnevo”, opened by JSC “RailTransAuto” in the end of July, 2008,  starts up the automobiles customs clearance option.
The Central Excise Customs has accorded license for the terminal to be included into Temporary Storage Warehouse Registry (SVKH) and already from the 12th of August the terminal will be able to perform custom clearance of cars.
Total area of the compound accounts for 10,78 hectares, including warehousing zone for 3 500 of automobiles, handling capacity available is for 350 000 cars annually.
Putting into operation a customs zone on a compound assuming and sending the cars by rail will allow to dramatically reduce the quantity of trucks delivering finished vehicles in Moscow region and completely eliminate truck transit volumes through Moscow region to other areas of Russian Federation due to shifting vehicles stream onto railway. Finnish Railways achived agreement with the company to ship block trains from August, 2008.  100 000 cars per year are expected to come to the compound from Finland. Alogside with delivery via traditional route through Finland, railway can progressively gain the Asian vehicles export – Japanese auto manufactures currently plan to transport part of their volumes via Transyberian Route.
Compound is also designed for handling cars from Japan and Korea coming through the ports of the Far East, from China through Zabaikalsk, the ports of the Black Sea and other rail routes.
Located very close to Moscow, in Stupinsky district  the logistic complex “Mikhnevo” becomes the base freight distribution centre of the terminal network of RTA.
Terminal is located on the boundary of Domodedovsky and Stupinsky districts of Moscow region, in 50 km from Moscow Ring Road, with direct access to M4 (Moscow-Don) federal highway.
JSC RailTransAuto is a joint company set up by JSC “Russian Railways” (51% of shares) and “TransGroup AS” Ltd. (49% of shares). RailTransAuto provides complex logistics services for finished vehicle transportation from manufacturers to dealers.
RailTransAuto operates 2 400 closed double-deck car-carriers, the quantity of owned wagons will reach 5100 by the year 2010.  RailTransAuto develops a network of automobile terminals on the territory of CIS countries -: “Mikhnevo” (Moscow region), “Zarubino” (the Far East), “Chernyakhovsk” (Kaliningrad region), Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Kazakhstan and other important for automotive transportation directions.