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JSC «RTA» will deliver Mazda cars through the Trans-Siberian railway

JSC «RTA» and Mazda company have signed an agreement concerning transportation of Mazda cars to Russia straight across the Far East through the Trans-Siberian railway. In order to deliver the cars, JSC «RTA» will use its own specialized rolling-stock. Railway transportation will be organized between two terminals of JSC «RTA» - «Zarubino» in the Far East and «Mikhnevo» in Moscow Region.

The Board of Directors of Mazda Motor Corporation has made a decision about modification of logistic scheme of car delivery and start of delivery of 30% of the quantity of Mazda cars, intended for sales in Russia by the Trans-Siberian railway straight across the Far East. This decision is innovative for the car logistics market.  Upon delivering the cars by means of accelerated block trains, Mazda company considerably reduces the term of car delivery to Moscow. The decision concerning modification of the logistic scheme was made after a range of successful transport tests for Mazda cars on the Trans-Siberian railway.
Logistic operator to carry out transportation will be the «RailTransAuto» company, one of the leading Russian car transporters, subsidiary of the JSC Russian Railways.
Closed wagons of the model 11-1291 developed by the JSC «RTA»  together with the factory of the JSC  Ruzkhimmash (RKTM VKM) will be used for transportation. It is planned that specifically for transportation of Mazda cars by the Trans-Siberian railway 9 block trains will run continuously, and each of them will consist of 30 wagons. For the purposes of train circulation a stable schedule was elaborated as a result of which the time of railway transportation will be reduced to a few more than 10 days. 
Transportation will be carried out between two specialized railway terminals of JSC «RTA»: «Zarubino» in the Far East and «Mikhnevo» in Moscow Region. The terminal «Mikhnevo», opened on the 23rd of July 2008, is a basic freight-distribution centre of the terminal network of the JSC «RTA» and the largest railway terminal for car transshipment in the Russian Federation.
Advantages of switching the freight traffic volume to the Trans-Siberian railway are obtained by all participants of the project. MAZDA company has reduced the terms of car delivery to Moscow by 30 days, Russian Railways obtain an additional amount of car transportation; as a result of switching the freight traffic to ecologically clean and safe railway transport, ecological situation in the Russian Federation improves and load on transport highways reduces.
Press-conference for business and specialized media covering the new approach to delivery of finished vehicles from Japan to Russia will be held on 25th of September, 2008 at the territory of “Mazda Motor Rus” Ltd.
In the conference will take part Vice-president for Client Support, Logistics and IT-technologies Mazda Motor Europe Joergen Olessen , General Director of “Mazda Motor Rus” Ltd. Joerg Schreiber, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “RTA” Maksim Liksutov.
JSC RailTransAuto is a joint company set up by JSC “Russian Railways” (51% of shares) and “TransGroup AS” Ltd. (49% of shares). RailTransAuto provides complex logistics services for finished vehicle transportation by means of the railway transport and terminal infrastructure.
The rolling stock of the company as of September 2008 makes up 2500 specialized rail car transporters and will increase up to 5100 items by the end of 2010.
JSC «RTA» develops a network of specialized terminal complexes on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries – in Moscow Region (Mihnevo), Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Chernyahovsk in Kaliningrad Region, Zarubino in Primorski Krai and in other locations of car freight flow distribution.