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JSC “RailTransAuto” delivered the first regular train with Mazda cars via TSR

The affiliated company of Russian Railways - JSC “RailTransAuto” delivered the first regular train with Mazda cars via the Trans-Siberian railroad to Moscow
On 15th of October the first block train of JSC RTA with Mazda cars coming from the Far East arrived in Moscow.  Successful start of the regular transportation of Mazda cars via the Trans-Siberian railroad is laid.
RailTransAuto company (the affiliated company of Russian Railways, the largest Russian rail car-carrier) started regular shipment of Mazda cars via the Trans-Siberian railway to Moscow in accordance with the agreement between the companies signed on 25th of September, 2008.  
On the 1st of October, in the morning, to the Sea Port in the Troitsa Bay, where terminal Zarubino is located, the first vessel from Japan carrying one thousand of Mazda cars arrived. The whole volume of the arrived automobiles was dispatched to Moscow by three block trains 2 days apart between them. On 15th of October the first block train with Mazda cars in accordance with the schedule arrived to the “Mikhnevo” terminal in Moscow region.
This logistics scheme of car delivery has been put on regular basis – vessels ship once a week, then Mazda cars are loaded in wagons and delivered by the block trains to Moscow.
The automobiles arrived with the first train received no damage during the transportation: the fully closed car-carrying wagons of new model ensure the good safety of freight.
The total period of Mazda cars delivery from Japan to Moscow through the Far East average out at only 18 days, that is much faster than traditional delivery through the ports of Finland (which takes app. 50 days).  JSC “RTA” plans further shortening of the delivery time – this can be afforded by virtue of carrying customs clearance of automobiles not in the Far East, as at this stage, but on the “Mikhnevo” terminal with the facilitation of central custom authority.
In the presence of competitive rates for rail transportation of automobiles RTA expects to shift to rail up to 40% of transport operations of JSC “AVTOVAZ”, to put on the regular basis rail transportation of new foreign-made cars from Finland to Moscow, and also to carry out delivery of European automobile plants production in wagons from the manufacturers place to Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk with transshipment of wagons from the European to Russian gauge on the JSC RTA compound in Chernyakhovsk.

Profile of the company:
JSC “RTA” (Joint-Stock Company “RailTransAuto”) is a joint company set up by JSC “Russian Railways” (51% of shares) and “TransGroup AS” Ltd. (49% of shares). RailTransAuto provides complex logistics services for finished vehicle transportation by means of the railway transport and terminal infrastructure.
The rolling stock of the company as of October 2008 makes up 2500 specialized rail car transporters and will increase up to 5100 items by the end of 2010.
JSC «RTA» develops a network of specialized terminal complexes on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries – in Moscow Region (Mihnevo), Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Chernyahovsk in Kaliningrad Region, Zarubino in Primorski Krai and in other locations of car freight flow distribution.